Selective College Consulting

Selective College Consulting is an independent consulting and counseling service assisting high school students seeking admission to the colleges of their choice.

What is a “selective” college? Any college that requests multiple standardized tests, multiple essays, recommendations or interviews uses a “holistic” approach to admissions. This process – which is significantly different from the “numbers-based” methodology of most public universities – can be a complex, overwhelming undertaking. It’s not just about writing an essay.

SCC has special expertise in the holistic admissions process. For students in their freshman and sophomore years of high school, we offer personalized direction and coaching to help students develop their “resumes” and stay on track with academics, extracurriculars and summer activities. For students in their junior and senior years, we provide intensive assistance with the college admissions process, focusing on:

        - Identifying colleges with the right “fit”
        - Completing Applications and Supplements
        - Drafting and Editing Essays
        - Admissions Interviews
        - Strategic Follow-Up

Our people and our program make SCC different.

Our founder and mentor, Robert LeVine, is the former Chairman of the Harvard Schools Committee for the West Coast of Florida and has 29 years experience interviewing and evaluating applicants for Harvard University. Our editors and interviewers hail from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, University of Virginia, and other fine private and public universities.

SCC offers several programs to fit your student’s college goals, whether they involve local, regional, national or international education. We also serve students needing help on essays and interviews for medical school, law school, and other graduate programs. No other entity offers the breadth and depth of service that SCC provides.

Selective College Consulting serves clients throughout Florida.